Useful Items for Pregnant Women

It has been nearly a year since I gave birth to C. Before I fully forget the, ahem, “beauty” of pregnancy (I’ll forget everything at year one, right?), I thought I’d note a few items I wished I had during pregnancy.

WARNING: some of these wishes include gnomes.

  1. Gel-like pads that conformed to my hips for sleeping. I had incredible round ligament pain and excruciating hip pain. Ideally these pads would keep cool throughout the night.
  2. A friendly gnome to put on my socks. It’s hard to bend when really pregnant. I was lucky that my husband cut my toenails for me.
  3. Self-administrating Preparation H. A gnome is not needed for this. I won’t go into the description of why this is needed.
  4. A friendly gnome to carry around my belly. It was heavy.
  5. A water retention water-removal sucking devise. I retained so much water when my husband would massage my feet at night his fingerprints remained on my feet. I remember during labor looking at my feet and saying “there are my ankles!” I hadn’t seen them in a few months due to belly placement and enough water to fill a kiddy pool.
  6. Speaking of water, I was incredibly thirsty. I could have used one of those dentist-like water pics at all times, especially when I woke up in the middle of the night, thirstier than ever.
  7. A Flowbee-like device for curly hair. My hair volume more than doubled. And it became four different textures. It was intense. Then it all fell out.

I’d love to hear from you. What did you wish you had during your 40ish weeks of incubation?

– MD


One thought on “Useful Items for Pregnant Women

  1. A crane to hoist me up and roll me onto my other side at night. As it was I had to do a “Y” turn every time I wanted to switch sides, creating a small earthquake for the DH to endure every few minutes.

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