Memory Maker

It’s summertime and my daughter is exploring the world around her, discovering something new each day. I am seeing the world anew through her eyes, and it is glorious.

At 15 months, I know my daughter is too young to remember the things we do and the good times we have. I often wonder what her first memory will be. Will it be one of our summertime traditions in the making?

Will it be that bite of the first juicy strawberry of the season, picked directly from the field?


Maybe it’ll be the feeling of flying through the air, to be caught in her daddy’s strong arms…

Up in the Air!

Or perhaps the feeling of riding along on a bike, past the lakes and the trees…

Bike ride!

Will it be our shared dinner while camping, her high chair attached firmly to a picnic table, surrounded by the trees and birds?


Or cold water from the hose on a hot day?


Maybe it’ll be Thursday nights, when we pick up our weekly veggies straight from the farm.


Or a face full of Babcock ice cream.

Ice cream!

Maybe she’ll remember being caught in the rain on a warm summer night.

Summer rain!

Or our Saturday morning tradition of bagels and cream cheese.

Saturday morning!

It could be as simple as a hike in the park, listening quietly to the sound of nature from her mama’s back…


It could be something as quintessentially Madison as the Union Terrace on a Friday night.

The Terrace!

Or simply holding on to each other as we swing through the air.


In the years to come, she may not remember this time in her life. But my hope is that she’ll feel it…in the tartness of a strawberry, the coolness of a pool, and in that way the summer enchants us all.



2 thoughts on “Memory Maker

  1. Read this twice now today and I just love it. Great job keep up the good work. One thing she will remember and never forget is all the love you give her. RJL

  2. Absolutely delightful–I could feel the preciousness of each experience. Each experience is a building block for an absolute love of life. Nice job expressing it and an even nicer job living it! Well-done, indeed!

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