Sick Day

The first time my daughter was sick, at a few months old, I called my mom and cried. I had no idea how to care for this tiny baby who was so miserable. And then I had to go to work.

Before I had a child I thought that if your child had a sick day, it was a nice day off for you, too. Little did I know that most sick days are preceded by sleepless nights, changing sheets multiple times in the night and rinsing out puke from hair and ears. And that’s just you.

Two and a half years into parenting, we have somewhat figured out the sick routine. My husband and I generally split the day, one of us heading into work in the morning, then a switch off at lunchtime. It gives us each a chance to be at the office but take turns watching our daughter.

Our daughter caught the bug going around daycare and is home today. Instead of us splitting the day, I will take the entire day with her. With my late nights and impending travel for work, it’s only fair that I stay home with her so my husband doesn’t have to take more time off. I will still be connected to work all day, writing and editing, answering calls and emails, and when my husband gets home, head to a work function until late tonight.

It’s frustrating when we realize that we need to shuffle our work schedules. But I am quickly reminded of how lucky we are to have flexible jobs, the ability to check in from home, the sick time to be with our daughter, and most importantly, a healthy child. It helps to balance the whining, inconsolable crying and general aversion to anything. That, and a little TV to help me write this for five minutes while answering work emails.

I remember sick days when I was younger. It meant watching The Price is Right on the couch, under piles of blankets, snoozing through the day and not being tired enough at night for a good night’s sleep. When sick, all I could focus on was wanting to feel better. Then, once I was well, forgot that my body worked and got better. Really, we are all magic.

So on this sick day where I’m not sick, I will do my best to not focus on what needs to get done, but on the magic that is happening right now.

–        MD


New Year

The New Year. I love it. I love the deep breath at the end of the holidays. I love making resolutions. I love the vast stretch of time ahead, the (mostly) blank calendar. I love that the days are getting longer.

I love looking back at the past year, figuring out what went right and thinking through the things I’d like to change and improve upon. 2010 was far and away the best year I’ve ever had. So many things I set out to do at the start of the year was realized. Nope, I didn’t lose 50 pounds, but what I gained was infinitely more valuable:

I made new friends. I had some of the best times of my life.

I took a family vacation to a lake shaped like a heart….

…and played in the snow.

I hosted three parties, after years and years of lacking the confidence.

I made new connections. I stood up for myself when it really mattered.

I watched my baby turn one…

…and into a happy, strong-willed, smart, and delightfully goofy little big girl.

I quite literally went from the couch to running a 5k.

I celebrated my 10 year dating and 5 year wedding anniversaries with my husband.

At my December birthday party, I was presented with a donut tree. Yeah.

The truth is, I still have a long way to go. My holiday running hiatus was a bad idea and poorly timed. I wasted too much time doing stupid stuff on my addictive phone. That baby in the bar? Mine. I said some things I wish I hadn’t because I have no filter. Yeah, I probably drank too much. But you know what? I don’t care. I had FUN.

No regrets.

Happy New Year, to you and yours.


What Are You Looking At?

2010 in Review

I was going to do a year-end report on the blog before the new year. But I didn’t and I’m over it. For those who are wondering what happened with the Santa debate, we essentially punted for another year. Santa is ubiquitous, and with songs sung at daycare and pictures of him everywhere, there’s no escaping Santa. So we acknowledged him at appropriate times, but he didn’t come to our house and no gifts bore his name. Like lots of religions, no?

EC wrote a lovely tribute the week of Christmas, about motherhood and the season. It’s worth reading or re-reading.

If you’re wondering what the top post of 2010 was, I thank Summer Pierre for letting me share her birth story “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Birth Center.”

Happy New Year

I Resolve…

And many people have made resolutions. Some people think it’s hooey, but I actually enjoy resolutions since I had a baby. What my husband and I realized after having a child is that you can pretty much live your life the way you want, more or less, but introducing new items takes effort. So choosing one new interest becomes a narrow focus, but is also more realistic. For example, last year I resolved to learn how to sew. Thanks to EC, her neighbor and Meg from Elsie Marley, I’m now about a “C+” on the sewing machine. I’ve made some terrible clothing items that I would never put on my unknowing daughter, but also some stuff that I’m really proud of, no matter how wonky.

In an ideal world I would have three resolutions: one for mind, one for body and one for spirit. But there’s that whole kid and time thing and I don’t want to feel even more frazzled, so I have one: do sit-ups every day. Yes, good old fashioned sit-ups. My goal is to eventually do 100 each day, but for now I’m starting with 20 or 25 and working my way up. And I’ve done them the past two days, so I’m on the path towards something.

But something else has been nagging me, and that’s how I can make this blog better. I was out celebrating ALW’s birthday at her favorite home-away-from-home, Dexter’s, and we both expressed interest in making it *more.* I’m not sure what that means, so I ask you, “What would you like to see more of on the blog?” I want to make it more attractive. I changed the layout, but I’m already not a huge fan. Jill from Good Life for Less suggested that I add more photos. I agree. I’m working on that. But what else do you recommend? What changes, if any, would you make? Any additions or subtractions?

– MD

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