Baby’s First Haircut

Miss Red isn’t a baby, but even with her approaching three, we still hadn’t cut her hair. It was one of those things that I couldn’t emotionally handle, even as CH combed through tangles each morning as we chased her around with a wide-toothed comb. But it had reached a critical mass, and we were able to pile it on top of her head, very Lucille Ball-esque.

Miss Red, channeling Lucille Ball

So last week I made an appointment for her to get her first haircut with Alice at Cha Cha. Now, before you get all “wha – you took her to that hipster place for her first cut?!” Yes, yes I did. Alice is amazing and loves cutting curly hair and I predicted I would be a sobbing mess and knew that Alice would be able to handle that. And it’s half of a normal haircut.

I borrowed a fancy camera and planned to document each snip, for posterity’s sake. I planned on catching her lovely hair and saving it for, I don’t know, the next Rapture.

Per Alice’s recommendation, we also brought along the iPod for distraction. I packed lollipops. We talked about it over the weekend and driving there she was so excited, “We going to the hair-cutting store, mama!” and “Is the lady nice?”

Once we got to Cha Cha she was shy. Alice put on the special booster seat, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. So Miss Red sat in my lap, with the cape wrapped around me. I fired up the iPod and Alice snipped away. The cut took all of 15 minutes and CH missed it since he was on his way home from Quaker meeting.

It wasn’t until the very end I remembered the camera. I also forgot to cry. I grabbed a small chunk of hair that was stuck to the cape and put it in an envelope. I snapped a quick picture, with dry eyes.

Miss Red, post haircut

– MD


9 thoughts on “Baby’s First Haircut

  1. Ah, very nice hair cut. I see she can still blow her hair out of her eyes with her little “whew” of an upward blow which I think is so cute. I saved Colin’s (and Caroline’s) hair in a jar thinking I’d create layers of hair from cuts, something like one of those colorful sand jars, showing how their hair color changed over time. I still have them and it shows how his/her hair got darker. The problem is I can’t remembers whose is which!

  2. Karen,

    That’s funny! I’m thinking I can place it in a muslin bag and mark it… But would she ever want it? I guess the same with keeping teeth.

    – MD

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! It’s funny because in the chair I told her, “Alice cuts Hank’s mama and Iris’ mama hair, too.” I’m at the stage of relaying people to her as kids’ mamas and dadas.

    – MD

  4. OMG, how sweeeeet! My first had such a tantrum over his first haircut, I just cut it myself now. Then again, we’ve been cutting his hair for 2 years now.

    I kept his hair, and I’ve also kept his (and his brother’s) umbilical cord stumps. There are so few *actual* physical mementos of their baby/childhood!

    • Anna,

      Thanks – I feel the same way. And the softness of baby/toddler hair is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I just stared and stared as Alice cut her hair. To gobble those moments up!

      – MD

  5. So flippin’ adorable! I am decidedly NOT a hipster, and I go to ChaCha (but then again, I will follow Robyn anywhere she decided to hang her hat). Alice has done my eyebrows and she is an incredible sweetie.

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