Hurt Feelings

Around Chez D-H, we’re pretty comfortable with our feelings. My husband and I talk a lot, talk openly, and have a nice balance of silly conversations with “ohmygodthishurtsmyheadandheart” conversations. I’d like to think that we’re that way with Miss Red, too.

But how do you talk to your kids about hurt feelings? With Miss Red now in preschool, she is sometimes coming home talking about people who were not nice to her. How do we help her work through the minor offenses and the genuine assholes in the world?

What do you suggest?

– MD


2 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings

  1. I try to always be polite. You are never in the wrong if you are polite and kind to others. And I feel bad for those who are rude or cruel to others – they must not have had as wonderful, sweet and generally awesome parents as I did who taught them the proper way to treat other human beings. And not to say that I never regret some of my words or actions, but the key is that I recognize and regret when I have acted in a way that is not how I was raised.

    • You’re a good egg:) And in a funny way of how life often takes care of itself, Miss Red came home today and told me, “when someone pushes you, you say ‘please don’t push me’ and walk away.” My heart burst.
      – MD

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