“Mama, the edges of books are called spines,” said Miss Red on Monday night.

We were reading a few books from the library. There are two series that she’s currently wild about, and we are, too. Polly Dunbar has written a number of books, but the ones that keep getting renewed are from the Tilly and Friends series, including Doodle Bites, Goodnight Tiptoe, Where’s Tumpty?, Happy Hector and Hello Tilly. My aunt also gave Miss Red Dunbar’s Here’s a Little Poem for the holidays, and I look forward to her growing into the words. I mean, of course you name a pig Hector and include a chicken who wears lipstick.

Hello Tilly by Polly Dunbar

The second series is the Piggy and Gerald set of books by Mo Willems. Most people are familiar with Willems from his Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus series, but I personally think, and Miss Red agrees, that the Piggie and Gerald series is better. A pig and elephant are best friends? Check. Said animals have witty banter and facial expressions? Double check.

I Will Surprise My Friend! by Mo Willems

What about you? Any great book recommendations?

– MD


7 thoughts on “Spines

  1. Thanks for the post Marlene. I love hearing about new books.

    Lately we are all about pretending and imagination. Our personal favorites of the moment are “This is NOT a Box” and “The Puddle Pail.”

    Having a three-year-old has made us all a little more imaginative. Some days I like to pretend that I have a never-ending supply of patience!

    • We LOVE Not a Box! Thanks for Not a Stick! I’ll check out Puddle Pail from the library. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Have you read her the book you and Colin gave my kids – What Pete ate A-Z. Finlay still likes to pull that off the shelf. Also they loved any Jan Brett book.

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