Last week Miss Red came home in new clothes. “I pooped my pants, mama,” she told me matter-of-factly. The next day I asked her lead preschool teacher if there was any concern. “No, but ask the other teacher for a funny story.” The assistant teacher smiles. When Miss Red was changing her clothes, a boy walked in, saw her clothes and said, “Ew!” Miss Red looked up and said, “what’s the big deal? It’s only poop.”

Yesterday I pick up Miss Red from school. Her teacher told me that she is so impressed with Miss Red lately. There’s a new girl in the class and she had a lot of pee accidents that day. Miss Red went over to her and said, “It’s OK. I had an accident last week. The teacher will help you.”

I was so touched by her compassion for that other girl and her ability to see things as they are – accidents, a moment, nothing more.

At dinner, during our favorite parts of the day portion, I shared that mine was learning how nice she was to the new girl in her class. “I love that you were so compassionate.”

“What does ‘cashun’ mean, mama?”

“It means you see someone else and understand that they might have a hard time and help them out.”

“Oh, yeah!”

– MD


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