I had a few key meetings today – the kind where I needed to wear something more than business casual. So I put on a dress and a jacket, pearls and heels. Because of said dress, I added a Spanx-y type undergarment to the ensemble. You know, shapewear being a lady’s foundation for clothing. Or something like that.

As I huffed and puffed to sausage my way into them, I was reminded of the times growing up I saw my paternal grandmother enfold herself into girdles. I would see her struggle and think, “man, I am never doing that.” {I also foolishly thought during my high school years that I would never be a double digit size, so my younger self can go take a flying leap.} Fast forward: I was wearing some serious shapewear. And for the rest of the day, each time I needed to pull those darn things on again, I had to think of my grandmother’s wriggling into flesh colored bindings, all while I did the same.

And then I realized that I wouldn’t want Miss Red to see me foolishly tucking myself into something uncomfortable.

By the time I made it home I was done with them. As I changed into yoga clothes I tossed the offending undergarment into the trash. It was a gift to past me, present me and future me.

– MD


8 thoughts on “Shapewear

  1. Right on! I wore something similar at my wedding, and I still remember the discomfort I felt by the end of the night. Thankfully, I have much happier memories of that day to eclipse that small one. Still, though. Never again.

  2. today was a court day. which means heels, nylons, skirt suit & pearls. i *almost* wore the spanx too, but decided it would be overkill. and by that i mean i would be so over the double-duty of nylons + spanx that i might kill someone. nylons are bad enough. but sadly bare legs in court are a no-go.

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