Things I Don’t Miss

I’ve been organizing clothing and toys to sell at Half-Pint Resale next month. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of clothes to pass along, since the glory of having an older child is that they stay in their clothes for longer than those blurry days of poop-stained onesies. While sorting and tagging, I realized that there’s a lot I don’t miss from years 1-3:

  • Onesies. Man, those were a pain. And each brand was so vastly different in size, so the drawer would be jammed with a wide range of sizes. And even if you looked at a new one, a mysterious or gross stain emerged.
  • Toys. Miss Red still plays with toys, but her favorite activity is “baking,” where she mixes ingredients into different bowls and adds food coloring. Our kitchen is a disaster each night, but she loves it and it’s cheap fun. I buy a pound of the cheapest flour and sugar possible each week, and it is promptly used. So I’m OK with selling more than half of her Legos. We’ll still keep one set, but that’s all we need. One set. Ditto on blocks.
  • Diapers. Understandable.
  • Diaper bag. See above. Also, the freedom to leave the house with nothing. If we’re smart and headed to a restaurant or coffee shop we grab some scrap paper and crayons, but no more sippy cups, wipes, bottles, change of clothing, etc.
  • Small dishes. I’m selling the set of small cups, plates, bowls and spoons.


Of course, there are things I miss from 0-3. That list would be way too long, such as that little bop she did when she was too little to move around. The squeals of happiness. Playing simple “How Big?!” games. The cuddles. Really, that list is longer.

What about you? Anything you don’t miss or really do miss from the early years?


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