This past weekend I had the privilege of stepping outside of my daily routine (which is quite nice, actually, thankfully) and going on a yoga retreat. My yoga teacher, Amie Heeter, offered her retreat, On Being and Becoming, at The Christine Center in Willard, WI.

The time away was a dream. The space, the silence, the ability to be still was just what I needed. Amie offered a weekend where we moved physically and mentally, all supported by the group and the Center as a whole. It was sublime.

I’ve been lucky enough to go on a variety of retreat-like settings over the years. For seven years I taught Nia in various Madison studios, stopping when I started my current job. It’s something I miss – that music, movement and magic – but I know I’ll go back.

Years ago, I was also lucky enough to attend “adult summer camp” at The Omega Institute, where I took a writing workshop with Lynda Barry. It was during their Arts Week, and the campus was abuzz with so much creativity. Adults were there for Trapeze Camp, Photography, Painting, and more. On the final night there was a talent show. I cried when I saw these brave people – people like you and me – swinging in the air. The possibilities for creation, when we give ourselves the space and time, are astounding. We, ourselves, are astounding.

I am lucky. Silence and space as a mother is a gift. A gift of my supportive husband and understanding daughter, but a gift I would gladly extend to them.

I encourage you to go. Seek silence. Seek art. Retreat. And then Re-enter.


3 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. That sounds absolutely amazing in every single way. How lucky that you were able to experience it, and that it did good for you, mind, body and soul. I am in desperate need of this kind of reconnection with myself.

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