Things I Never Say

Last night my daughter said “I want more exercise.”

Let’s see – the red hair and dimples already make her suspiciously look like not-mine, but now her statements will have everyone wondering.


I had many goals and distractions for the summer. Looking for a new house. Training for a sprint triathlon. Decluttering the basement. All to distract me from the reality that we weren’t having another baby.

I looked for a new house. Nothing happened. I decluttered the basement. But I have really not trained for the sprint triathlon. Times I meant to run, I walked. Times I meant to swim, I didn’t. And don’t get me started on biking.

Yet the summer has seemed so full. Being outside or not in the excruciating heat. Spending time with friends. Decluttering. Everything but.

What I have enjoyed is swimming outdoors at night. A local pool offers adult swim, and there’s something so magical about the darkness, the water and the camaraderie of other friends. I do a few laps, chat with friends, maybe do some more laps. Last night we tread water for 20 minutes, catching up on our lives, and I could have tread water for 20 more, talking and not talking. Watching grown-ups gleefully dive off the diving board and enjoy the feeling of the cool water on a hot night.

Asking if someone wanted to do a triathlon with us in September, a friend and I said, while treading water, “can’t you tell we’re training?”


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