That time I changed my name

One month and one day ago my name change became legal. After 34 years of the same name and nine years of marriage, I made the change. Many people ask me why, and I actually have five reasons:

  1. I wanted to honor the family I have. Unless we do foster care or adoption, this is our family. I love it. After years of pining for more, I feel as if I’m in a new stage of my life.
  2. I no longer feel as connected to my former last name. For years I was my dad’s only child, and I felt a sort of pride in carrying on the family name. When he and my step-mom had Baby Uncle I didn’t feel the same pull to the name, since there would be another one to carry it on.
  3. My former last name was really difficult to spell and pronounce. Even friends would misspell it from time to time. I would have to repeat it many times over the phone.
  4. My former last name wasn’t a pretty sounding name. My new last name is.
  5. I felt some connection ethnicity-wise to my former last name. On the east coast, where my dad is from, everyone knows it’s Jewish. In the Midwest everyone assumed I was German.

When I sat in front of the judge on October 1 and he asked me if I had anything to say. I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m so excited.”


8 thoughts on “That time I changed my name

  1. Yes! I had noticed this on FB but felt it was an inappropriate venue to pry, so thank you for sharing this story. I’m excited for you.

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