Now with less 90% less sugar

I might be at the end of new things I’ve done lately. I talked about cutting out coffee, going to the gym, and changing my entire name. Add to that my (mostly) cutting out sugar, bread and pasta. For me this was, and is, a really big deal. Well, everything else is/was, too, but this doesn’t “feel” as good as, say, exercising does.

Years ago I quit sugar for an entire year. Quit as in I didn’t even have birthday cake for my own birthday. Did I feel better? I don’t even remember, but I quit the craving of having “dessert” after each meal. At the time I was working at a non-profit next door to a diner and I found myself getting a scone as a mid-morning snack. A cookie after lunch. Soy ice cream after dinner.

Miss Red shares her menu at her restaurant, Sylvia Eyes.

But man alive, do I love sugar. I have more than a sweet tooth. I have a sweet grill. At some point after the year of being sugar-free I started eating sugar again and have ever since. Until lately.


A few months ago I was on a trip to IKEA with a friend and she played an Alec Baldwin podcast of Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist, where he talked about how endemic sugar is in our diets. Having gone through the crazy withdrawal seven years earlier, I knew I had to take another stand. So after that car ride, I quit. And after hearing Alec Baldwin talk about how he used to eat “aquarium-sized portions” of pasta, I knew that had to go, too. So for a few months, I’ve been (mostly) sugar, bread and pasta free.

I don’t write this as a screed to eliminating or restricting certain types of food, but this is (mostly) working for me. As last summer ended and work became/becomes even more emotionally draining, I’m taking the step to do right by myself. To invest in doing what I can to make by body run cleaner, more alive, more in line with the reality of someone who is 5’3″.

So if you see me out and about and I have an apple fritter  dangling from my craw, please don’t chide or gloat. That’s just 10% of me. For now.


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