Birth to 3

We made it. I kiss the ground and throw my hands into the air. We made it.

Miss Red is 3. Why the drama? Well, it’s a birthday and that’s a big deal, but so is reaching the three-year-mark. As an expectant parent, and well before that, I knew the importance of the years 0 to 3. Bonding, a sense of one’s place in the world, soothing, anger management and a bajillion other things are formed and placed by 3. When I mentioned this to NVC, she gave me a high five. I shared it with others and got similar responses.

The past three years have been the absolute best in my life. I am closer to CH, closer to my friends and I thank a little redhead for all of this. Her birth opened my chest, exposed my heart and made all of this possible. This little girl is 3. 3!

Kiss the ground and raise your hands in the air.

We did it. Our girl is 3.

– MD


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