This week, I run my first 5K. I started training 7 weeks ago, from what one could describe as a place of dubious physical fitness.

I have never run a 5K or anything close to it.

I’m slow. It’s going to take me a while. But I will run. And I will finish. This I know.

I know I will finish because I run for my daughter. I run for my sweet Iris, for her future. I run because a parent’s weight is a major predictor of their child’s weight. I run because I know the pain of being an overweight child. I run because I want Iris to see me trying, even when it’s not easy, even when I want to stop with every step. I run because if I can do it, she can do it. I run so she knows that she can do anything.

I know I will finish because I run for my husband. I run for the support he’s given me throughout our 10 years. I run because he’s always made me feel beautiful, even when I don’t look it or feel it. I run because I want to have as many years together as we possibly can.

I know I will finish because I run for myself. I run because I can, because I’m healthy and strong. I run to clear my mind, to chase away the blues. I run because with every step, I see the faces of my beautiful family. I run because I don’t want to take one second of this life for granted.

I know I will finish because I feel myself changing my life.



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