I read many, many blogs. My interests vary, but they are mostly on design, decor, cooking and a few parenting blogs (and I confess most are daddy bloggers). Many of them reside in my fair city. Take a few minutes to visit these Madison bloggers and resources. Share with me a few of your favorites.

Elsie Marley: How Meg manages to combine mothering, crafting, baking and wearing cowboy boots is a mystery to me. I thank her for helping me learn how to sew, along with:

Ellen (and Lisa) of Half-Pint Resale: Two moms who run a seasonal consignment sale of children’s clothing and items. It’s pretty amazing. Their blog shares tips on how to score deals for your family.

Boy Crazy: Elizabeth expounds on life with three boys, creative writing, lovely photos and everything in between.

Accidents Will Happen: Musings on toddlerdom. By accident.

Raising Madison: A parenting resource for those in and around the Madison area.

Happy Bambino’s Blog: Their store is a fantastic resource and the blog is for bellies, birth, babies and breastfeeding. 

Stay tuned for a my daddy blogger roundup later this week.

– MD

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